Buyer Feedback – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


So your house is on the market….congratulations! The showings should start immediately. One of the questions that sellers often ask (usually right after the showing has taken place) is, “So, did they like the house?

At LAER Realty Partners, we partner with MAPASS, the leading technology firm responsible for setting up property showings AND collecting feedback from the buyer agents. MAPASS is the company that calls to schedule the showing. Once the showing takes place, they then email a feedback form to the buyer’s agent to find out what the potential buyer thought about the property. Usually MAPASS sends out the request for feedback multiple times before some agents respond, but rest assured, they are on top of the feedback request.

I have the ability to set up your personal MAPASS account so that you receive email notification when feedback is received automatically. You receive it at the same time I do. It’s important to understand that the buyer agents are sometimes very brief in their feedback and at other times they are brutally honest. No matter what the feedback on the property is, it’s important that we work together to determine if we should adjust our pricing strategy.

Here is the most important advice that I can offer you regarding feedback – the best feedback you will get is an offer. If you have 100 showings and receive no offers,  this is your feedback. Your property is overpriced. If you receive one offer on the property, then the only feedback that matters is that one offer. The offers you receive, or the lack there of, are the best possible feedback you can receive on your home. Sure, it’s great when a fellow real estate agent takes the time to give a detailed breakdown of what the buyer liked and didn’t like about the home, but what really matters is whether potential buyers are willing to take out their checkbook to make an offer…and if so…the price they are willing to pay.

If you know of someone interested in selling their home, please call me with their name or number. My business is built upon referrals by friends, acquaintances, and past clients who want to provide the best possible real estate experience for the people they know and care about.

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