6 Simple Home Staging Tips

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As you prepare to put your home on the market, simple and inexpensive staging can put your home in the best possible light for a fast sale at maximum price.  Staging does not have to be a long and difficult process and it certainly need not be expensive.  In fact, you can even do it on your own.  Here are five simple tips for making your house shine.

1. Room Use - How you currently use your rooms is not necessarily how most buyers would use the rooms.  For example, let’s say you have a first floor office since you work from home.  That space may be better utilized for most as a dining room, children’s play room, or second living room.  If you are serious about selling, you may want to convert the area now so that potential buyers may easily picture how they will utilize the space.
2. De-clutter: Remove clutter, knickknacks, and mementos. It is now time to prep your home for potential buyers.  It is much easer for your home buyers to picture themselves living there when shelves, counters, and mantels are cleared.  As well, rooms will seem larger without so much stuff.  In the kitchen specifically, remove everything from the counters.  Box it all up or put it in the cabinets.  If you have too much stuff on the counters buyers may question lack of cabinet space.
3. Furniture: Remove all nonessential furniture, and rearrange what’s left if needed. Too much furniture will make your rooms seem smaller than they are.  The easiest and fastest way to alleviate this problem is to remove extra furniture.  Put those living room wing chairs in the basement and keep furniture at a minimum.
4. Pledge:  Clean everything, top to bottom! A clean house is perceived as a well maintained home.  I even recommend hiring a cleaning service at times.  As well, make sure to use Pledge on all of your wood tables so that your home emits that lemon fresh scent.
5. Lighting Matters: Make sure each room has adequate, comfortable lighting. If it doesn’t, add table or floor lamps to illuminate sitting and work areas.  If there are light bulbs out, replace them. Lighten up and simplify your window treatments. Open draperies and curtains to let in maximum natural light. Your rooms will look fresher and more up-to-date.
6. Paint: If you have any dark paint throughout your home, consider painting your walls in light neutrals. This will maximize light and space.  As well, that fresh coat of paint will give the perception of a well cared for home.
These are very simple, low cost ideas to maximize the selling time and price of your home.  I work with the best stagers and designers in the industry and am happy to introduce you if you are looking for an even more drastic staging of your home, as is often necessary when a property is vacant.
Consider me as your one-stop source for anything real estate related.  I am an expert in the field and thrilled to work with you and anyone you refer to me.

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